About 3D Resin Floors

Promix seamless 3D resin floor?for living room, bedroom, restaurants, bars, villas as well as in bathroom tends your home truly magical. No joins and edges, just 3D natural resin floors with natural beauty all around your home. There are endless?possibilities from creating a mix of colours to inserting real images or objects.

All?PROMIX | 3D Resin Floor surfaces for resin floors and coatings obtained with mixed techniques and variously assorted inserted decorations.
The esthetical effects are impressed by hand, in a wide range of colours ? bright, matt, satin finish. Medium thickness 2-3 mm. Good features of resistance to wear and foot traffic ? easy cleaning. Suitable for residences, offices, showrooms.

Characteristics?and advantages:

? Creates a seamless, continuous surface.
? Gives a sense of room to the spaces.
? Easy cleaning.
? Minimum thickness. With a thickness of approximately 3 mm, it easily levels out in contact with other materials and does not require doors to be lowered.
? UV stable.
? Can be inserted objects, images, etc.
? Glass effect.
? Available in a unlimited range of colours easily combinable even in the same space.
? Modernity, elegance and sophistication.

urethane Self Levelling Resin Flooring
3D resin flooring

Promix 3D Resin Floor is a floor that merges beauty and high quality resins with the innovative appearance of the continuous and seamless flooring, without joints. It has overcome the dimensional limit, changing the combination between space and aesthetic. The surface is now stretched in one monolith, which has a unique appeal or a mix of natural colours.

Promix uses the concept and the qualities of the resins and apply them to the flooring proposing a new use of this material in every different space. The philosophy of our brand is to go beyond the simple idea of resin floor as we know.

Promix is the best option on the market thanks to its peculiar features such as the quality, the strenght, the life span also combined with the great beauty of material itself.


Promix urethane

3D Resin Floor Application

    1. Surface preparation and application of Promix P100
    2. Application 1st layer of Promix Decol
    3. Application 2nd layer of Promix G800

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