About Concrete Protection

When you need your concrete protection to have some of the best chemical, stain and abrasion resistance available, our urethane floor concrete protection systems are the answer. For a high performance waterproof concrete protection, the array of unique benefits offered by our thin film urethanes is hard to beat.

Formulated to withstand the damaging effects of harsh solvents and a broad spectrum of chemicals, our oil /dust free concrete protection urethanes are highly effective topcoats that provide lasting protection against a wide variety of problematic substances without compromising aesthetics.

Characteristics?and advantages:

  • Exceptional chemical and solvent resistance
  • Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Variety of skid resistance options
  • High gloss, light reflective or low glare, satin finishes
  • Non-yellowing and color stable
  • Betadine stain resistance available
  • Resistant to Skydrol, jet fuel, grease, oil and rubber tire stains
  • Variety of stock and custom colors available
polished concrete
polished concrete

Our Concrete Protection resin systems protects concrete floors and acts as a curing compound with an anti-evaporation effect, is a permanent and definitive treatment to improve the conditions of dusty floors and floors damaged by freezing and thawing cycles with salts.

The materials creates a permanent barrier that protects against penetration of water, acids, oils and toxic agents.

PROMIX? Concrete Protection is colorless and preserves the original look of concrete floors. Scientific tests have shown that it is an ideal foundation for further processing such as the application of glues, resins or paints, to improve adhesion. It also increases the compressive strength and surface abrasion.



PROMIX Concrete Protection Inside

    1. Application 1st coat of PROMIX? T500
    2. Application 2nd coat of PROMIX? T500

PROMIX? Concrete Protection Outdoor

    1. Application 1st coat of PROMIX? T600
    2. Application 2nd coat of PROMIX? T600

Need more information?

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