About PROMIX? Microcement

PROMIX? microcement or microtopping?is a thin?and versatile material enabling the creation of unique spaces full of colour. With PROMIX? , it is possible to cover floors, walls and all types of surfaces in an exclusive way, which is why it is the micro-coating chosen by professional interior designers to provide quality and distinction to spaces.

PROMIX? microtopping is a smooth, cementitious and polymer coating. Only 1/8″ thick and with great adhesive qualities for multiple surfaces, it is ideal for swift renovation works without the need to remove existing surface, saving time and money.

Characteristics and advantages:

? Creates a seamless, continuous surface.
? Gives a sense of room to the spaces.
? Easy cleaning.
? Minimum thickness. With a thickness of approximately 1/8″ , it easily levels out in contact with other materials and does not require doors to be lowered.
? Great adhesive capacity. It has great adhesion on practically all surfaces. Cement, concrete, metal, plastic, plywood, asphalt, terrazzo and even smooth ceramics will allow the PROMIX? microtopping to be attached with absolute firmness.
? Can be applied on floor, walls and even furniture and is also waterproof.
? Available in a wide range of colours, textures and finishes like flat, satin and glossy.
? Modernity, elegance and sophistication.


PROMIX? microcement allows the creation of unique spaces with floors and walls covered with a material that is distinguished by its unique elegance. Chosen as one of the most sophisticated materials amongst interior design, architecture and design professionals.

The material is applied manually with a trowel, which means that in each job the texture of the surface is unrepeatable. As with other fine materials such as marble or wood, PROMIX? microtopping?floors and walls are always unique.

PROMIX? microcement offers soft and up-to-date colours, symbols of harmony and equilibrium. Smooth and bright, almost whispered, colours that can match to every style without prevailing and with no rigidity because of the wide, almost unlimited range: PROMIX? microtopping?can be workable in every nuance.

PROMIX? Microtopping Systems:

Microcement layers

PROMIX? microcement Application

    1. Surface preparation
    2. Application 1st coat of PROMIX? NANOCRETE BC/MC
    3. Application 2nd?coat of PROMIX? NANOCRETE FC
    4. Sanding and cleaning of the surface
    5. Application of PROMIX? Sealers

Need more information?

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