Resin floor systems.

No resin floor type can do it all. Our laboratory has done the testing and knows the reality: In order to provide facilities with truly effective concrete flooring solutions, a wide range of resin floor system is required. ?Our cross-section of resin floor systems options is one of the most comprehensive lines available today, giving you the selection you need to protect and maintain your facility?s flooring.

Why We Offer More Resin Floor Systems

Why do we have more than five different types of resin floor systems in our line, instead of the usual one or two? So that we can provide better solutions for more customers like you. Today, the markets we serve are almost endless, so regardless of whether you need an industrial flooring, commercial flooring, car park or concrete repair solution,?Promix??can help.


Don?t worry if you cannot find a link relevant to your specific need, as we are certain we can still help. Simply?contact us?so that we can better understand your requirements, and we will be happy to recommend a solution to fit (even if it is not from us).

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